As with any training or nutritional program we encourage you to consult with your Doctor before embarking on your specific journey.

Rapid Fitness Development



 Our Busy World

 In today’s busy world our main objective is to maximize time of our clients.  Most of the personal training routines require only 30 minutes depending on the clients specific goals and needs. Our focus is to achieve superior results by guiding every individual client to their goal as efficiently as possible, and to fit exercise into their lives. You may drop into our studio or we can meet with you at a place of your choosing. From what we have found through our experience is that most people live very busy lives. The neglect of exercise often leaves them in a state of confusion of how they have gotten so out of shape. As the saying goes "If you don't use it you lose it" this a great example of how quickly your health can decline when related to proper nutrition and exercise.
 We look forward to changing the industry both for the client and for the fitness professional,  if your schedule is too demanding and keeps you from going to the gym or our studio. We encourage you to do what it takes to  make small lasting changes and decide to continue exercising and will be with you every step of the way. We want to give each and every individual seeking their goal of a happy, healthy lifestyle all of the benefits and convenience that training with a fitness professional has to offer.

About Rapid Fitness Development

 All of our Personal trainers are certified and been in the industry for at least 5 years. All trainers have an outstanding track record, and exceptional customer service skills. We started out as a thought a realization actually. The realization occurred when new gyms were going up in our area, and with that some of our clients wanted that "new gym" smell. So we decided to open our own training studio. Our clients still train with us at our current facility. We looked at current and past clients and found that knowledge plus experience is power, the kind of power you need to change your life! This is in fact a new business just launching in fall of 2013, and was put together by the leading training professionals in the city of Colorado Springs. During employment at  other various fitness facilities together as a group of trainers have dropped over 2000 lbs. in pure body fat from our past and current clients!
Times are changing, and new gyms will lose there luster, but results never will! there's something to be said about getting results and our clients wont give us up to work with any one else! We want to help educate, build you up, and sustain you in the healthy way of life. We strive for life long professional relationships with each and every one of our clients. Our Trainers specialize in post rehab exercise, cardiovascular training, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, corrective exercise, functional fitness, bodybuilding, sports training, and special population training. If there is any other specific need that a client may have we pride ourselves in obtaining the necessary knowledge to help that specific client. There really is no goal too big or small. We look forward to serving you in any way that we may.


The Industry of fitness

The fitness industry goes up and down, back and forth with high-cost memberships then low-cost memberships, from expensive Personal Training and free Personal Training. Leaving in there cut through wake a sea of educated, experienced, fitness professionals who long to see people achieve but most lose the drive because of this cannibalistic fitness industry. Newly certified Personal Trainers don't last long in the industry due to the mentality of this fickle industry. Often leading the new trainer to high pressure session package selling and leaving the client with a bad experience. 
One thing stays the same people are not getting the results that they need and want. The facts are most if not all of the progress people make is through the guidance of experienced professionals, not new pieces of equipment or a new pool. We’ve developed the best in personal training by providing superior service and exceptional results. This is not a big box gym promise, it is a great experience and brings forth amazing results!

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